Strategic Goals

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Strategic Goals:  

  1. To foster a life-shaping college of pharmacy learning environment that produces competent providers of Pharmaceutical Care who are lifelong learners, productive researchers and inspiring pharmacy and healthcare leaders.
  2. To recruit and retain excellent diverse faculty and other personnel who inspire their students and support their own development in light of new pedagogical modalities and administrative expectations.
  3. To seek and maintain efficient integration between the College of Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Care Department at the National Guard Health Affairs.
  4. To produce quality student and faculty research, generate scholarship that advances the wellbeing of the society and provide services that supports the financial foundation of the university.
  5. To participate in diverse community activities and to collaborate with public- and private-sector partners to address the health needs of the society.
  6. To develop and maintain intellectually stimulating facilities that provide equitable teaching and learning opportunities for male and female students.
  7. To create and propagate a culture of continuous quality that improves to the effectiveness of the College of Pharmacy academic, research, clinical training and administrative activities and enable it to attain national and international recognition.