Strategic Goals:  

  1. Educate Pharm.D. Students with a foundation in basic and clinical knowledge, research, skills, attitudes and values to become life long learners, compassionate, innovative, adaptable leaders and providers of pharmaceutical care in any setting.  Our graduates will be capable of conceiving, implementing and evaluating patient care services that promote rational, safe, effective, and economical use of drug therapy in a culturally and socially diverse society.
  2. Recruit, develop, and retain effective, dedicated educators who inspire their students to pursue post graduate training, lifelong learning in the health sciences, and in the service of patients and the society.
  3. Anticipate, recognize and respond to the needs and concerns of society by improving human health through the design, implementation, conduct and evaluation of research related to drugs and pharmaceutical care.
  4. Maintain a culturally and socially diverse academic community to prepare pharmacists to meet the needs of a culturally and socially diverse society.
  5. Shape the future direction of the pharmacy profession in Saudi Arabia through education, research and the development of innovative practice models.
  6. Establish international collaborative relationships with institutions of higher education, and professional practice organizations to further the achievement of the college of pharmacy strategic plans within the established time frames. 

Developed by:  EduTech / COP-ITS 2017