Ability Based Outcomes

The KSAU-HS, College of Pharmacy Ability Based Outcomes are listed below:


  1. Evaluated orders, compounded, packaged and dispensed medications.
  2. Managed the practice.
  3. Applied computer and technology skills.
  4. Communicated well with patients and health care professionals.
  5. Developed, implemented, evaluated and modified (or recommended modifications) of pharmaceutical plan of care.
  6. Solved medication-related problems.
  7. Assessed patients and ordered meds or labs.
  8. Triaged patients.
  9. Administered medications.
  10. Counseled and educated patients and health-care professionals.
  11. Related non-drug therapy knowledge.
  12. Provided emergency care and information.
  13. Managed professional information.
  14. Optimized therapy using clinical information
  15. Collaborated with other health care professionals
  16. Evaluated and documented interventions and outcomes
  17. Self-assessed learning.
  18. Thought critically and solved professional problems.
  19. Made and defended rational, ethical decisions.
  20. Demonstrated psychological and social awareness of patient needs.
  21. Demonstrated awareness of importance of life-long learning.
  22. Demonstrated professional attitudes.
  23. Comprehended concepts of drug safety.

Developed by:  EduTech / COP-ITS 2017