The Faculty Development and Enhancement Program Committee assists faculty members in implementing and delivering the curriculum. In addition, the committee provides faculty with various development opportunities such as workshops or customized in-house training programs for Faculty Staff to improve their academic skills.


Currently, it is chaired by Dr. Majed Al Jeraisy, Assistant Professor, COM, KSAU-HS and with the following members:


Dr. Mai Al AjajiAssistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, COP-Female Branch, KSAU-HS

Dr. Rani Al Qasem, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, COP, KSAU-HS

Dr. Numan Al Abdan, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department, COP, KSAU-HS

Dr. Sarah Al Yousif, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department, COP, KSAU-HS

Mr. Khalil Al Majed, Lecturer, Pharmacy Practice Department, COP, KSAU-HS

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