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Article Express Service



  • Requests for service are made via the online form.
  • Regular requests are filled within two business days.
  • If the Library does not own an article, use the Inter Library Lending Services is available to University faculty, staff and students, and affiliated visitors.


Article Express is available to COP, KSAU-HS faculty, staff and students, and affiliated visitors.


You may request article-length material via Article Express regardless of whether it is available in KSAU-HS's collections or not. The only criterion required is that you need the material. Article Express staff will not provide a copy of an entire book, however, and we urge patrons not to submit a request for an article or chapter that exceeds 50 scanned pages. Also, please limit requests, if possible, to no more than 3 chapters from the same book or 3 articles from the same journal issue. In the case of monograph requests, we have found that it is more advantageous for the patron to check out the book when more than 50 pages or 3 chapters are needed. Our document suppliers outside of the Library may not fulfill requests for more than 3 articles/chapters per issue/book.


We expect to obtain the majority of articles from COP, KSAU-HS's print collections, our electronic collections, or from commercial document delivery suppliers. We may in some cases need to go to other institution’s collections, which may involve forwarding your request to Inter Library Services and which will require additional time for processing. We will advise you, in most cases, if the request will take longer than 48 hours to arrive.


We handle all incoming Article Express requests in an urgent manner, so there is no “rush” status for the service. At this time, we are not equipped to supply higher quality documents or special requests. We do our best to supply materials that are clean and cropped, but since we rely on documents scanned by outside providers in many cases, this is not always possible in order to get the documents out to you as quickly as possible.


The Library processes requests Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.


Accurate and complete publication information will enable Document Delivery staff to process requests in the shortest possible time.

 If a citation is incomplete or otherwise inaccurate, Document Delivery staff will make a reasonable effort to locate the material; this may include contacting the patron via e-mail for additional information. If unable to locate the item, Inter Library Lending Services staff will attempt to verify and, if unable to do so, make a determination to cancel the request.


When you use the Article Express or Inter Library Lending service, you will be bound by the University’s copyright Policy. All copyright costs will be covered by the Article Express Service.


Although we have not set a limit on the number of requests one may submit requests one at a time through the Article Express service, we strongly suggest that no more than 10 requests are submitted per day. The service is heavily-used, and our goal is to fill the priority requests of all those who submitted them within 24-48 hours. If more than 10 requests are submitted per day, the turnaround time may exceed 48 hours so as to fill requests for as many different patrons as possible.


Check the Library Catalogue to determine if the Library has the article you need. For help using the online catalogue, contact the Library Reference Desk at 95016.

Requests may be submitted online using the Journal Article, Book Chapter or other relevant request form. Reference staff in the Library can assist you in using the online request system.

There is to be only one article or book chapter per request, therefore only the first article or book section will be supplied if more than one article/chapter is requested. Statistical analyses, copyright and commercial vendor requirements make this policy necessary. To speed your request, make sure the information submitted is complete and accurate. Abbreviations or incomplete information may delay or stop your request.


Email the Librarian at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to check the status of your request.


Typically an Article Express Request will be cancelled if the item is temporarily unavailable from the library. Depending on the reason of the cancellation, please call or email the Article Express Librarian at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Loans: Books and other material can be collected from the Library Circulation Desk.

Articles: All article requests are delivered electronically, in PDF format, to your email.

PLEASE NOTE: If for some reason we cannot obtain an electronic version of your request(s), we will print and mail you the article(s) to the mail code indicated on your original request.


If you are encountering problems viewing or printing your article(s), please make sure you are following these recommendations:

Download your article and then save to Disk. This works best if you are trying to access your article via a dial-up or other slow Internet connection.

The articles are in PDF format and are rather large, so it is best to download the file completely, save it to an area on your computer's hard drive, and then print or view your articles off-line.

Be sure you have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer and we recommend that you have the latest version.

If none of these recommendations help you or fix your problems, please contact us.

  • When the request is submitted electronically, the requestor must also call the Resource Sharing Department (95016) to alert staff that a request has been made.

The 4 hour turnaround time begins when the phone call is received. If no phone call is made to alert staff of the request and the request is filled within the 4 hour time frame.