Student Assessment is designed through the integration of various tools and methods to ensure that pharmacy students are retaining knowledge, mastering the required clinical skills, and are able to integrate and apply them in the health care setting. The formative assessment is conducted progressively to ensure the acceptable outcomes. Feedback, inclusive of self-assessment, is also a tool to measure student improvement and progress.


Summative examinations are conducted at the end of the course to assess student competencies. All of the student assessment methods are routinely subjected to validity and reliability evaluation and psychometric analysis to ensure their quality and continuous applicability.


The curriculum at KSAU-HS, College of Pharmacy is designed to develop professional attitudes and values, and to ensure that pharmacy students have the skills and abilities to integrate and apply learning in all health care settings and to all patient populations. In order to guarantee the students’ attainment of such outcomes, the KSAU-HS, College of Pharmacy has adapted the amended Tennessee 21 document based on the collaborative agreement it has signed with the Tennessee College of pharmacy. The Tennessee 21 document is derived from the NAPLEX competencies, the CAPE document, and the previous ACPE Standard 10.  The two added ability based outcomes to the Tennessee 21 are professionalism, and comprehension of drug safety concepts. Upon completion of the curriculum and attainment of the above ability based outcomes, a student should be prepared to enter any pharmacy practice setting where they can ensure optimal medication therapy outcomes and protect patient safety as they function as an essential member of the healthcare team.  In order to accomplish this through experiential education, the college provides a continuum of required and elective courses via introductory and advanced rotations, which are adequate in scope, intensity, and duration, to support the achievement of these competencies. 

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